From The Founder Desk – Vinod Dubey

From The Founder Desk :- Vinod Dubey

India in now looked at as a vibrant country, and despite the economic slowdown, the software and media sector is expected to post a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14% over the next five years. The current economic scenario has put corporate under pressure to change, innovate and re-examine existing business models, and international companies are likely to out-source more technology from India.


Given the industries changing landscape and emerging challenges, Infotus Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are well poised to deliver more better technology and softwares to make the work more easier and simpler then before. The focus continue to be imparting a quality creation with the all new features necessary for the growth of a successful business. we trained us to meet the new challenges of a rapidly developing society and nation.


Infotus continues to expand the softwares and application offered, keeping in view the need of a business and industry- which is why Infotus enjoy wide acceptance of both customer and user.

We are confident you will find your business need and solutions with Infotus a stimulationg and reqarding Experience.

Vinod Dubey is Founder – Director of pentagon media pvt. Ltd. which is deal in Media, PR Advertising, Events, Exhibition and Trade Fairs

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